Leonard Splaine When Is The Best Time To Buy An HVAC system?

Furnace used to heat houses of customers in Northern Virgina

Purchasing a new HVAC system is no small decision and is often coupled with a big financial investment. The majority of HVAC systems are designed to operate for about 20 years, and if you plan to be in the same house for that long or longer, you’ll likely need to replace the HVAC system at some point. 

When preparing to install a new HVAC system, you may question when the best time is to buy. Is it better to purchase during certain seasons or other times during the year? What should you consider when getting a new HVAC unit? Below are some tips to help you purchase a new HVAC system for the best price at the best time. 

Before Your Current HVAC Model Expires If you want to avoid finding yourself without cool air in the dead of summer or heating sources during the winter, you don’t have to wait for your current HVAC system to stop working in order to replace it. HVAC systems typically display warning signs when they stop working, such as not heating or cooling as well as they once did despite professional repairs, or if your home’s temperature control costs have substantially gone up seemingly without explanation. 

Be sure to contact your HVAC expert for an evaluation. They will be able to consider whether your system simply needs a check-up, more complex repairs, or needs replacing altogether. It could be that just the air conditioner or your home’s furnace needs new parts instead of the entire HVAC unit. 

During the Off-Season For the more extreme temperatures of Summer and Winter, many air conditioning and heating professionals are hard at work replacing, repairing, and installing new HVAC units. For faster turnaround time, you probably need to order at least a few weeks ahead of your desired install date until your HVAC contractor sends a work crew your way. 

During the Spring and Fall, the weather is typically milder and without extreme temperatures. These periods are perfect for outdoor fun and often bring a little more downtime for the HVAC industry because there is less need. During this time, contractors are often more open to reducing equipment and labor costs. 

When Buying / Renovating A Home While renovating or shopping for a new home, it’s a great time to consider replacing an old HVAC system. Home renovations typically bring long periods of disruption to your home’s natural order, so it makes sense to double up and purchase a new HVAC instead of dealing with extended disruption at later times. 

Additionally, this is an ideal time to research more energy-efficient options, such as an HVAC system with a higher SEER rating than your old system. It’s also the perfect time to upgrade to a fully-zoned system with dispersible thermostats. Updates like these will help your system stay energy efficient for longer as you have direct control over which rooms are being affected.