Leonard Splaine About Us

The Leonard Splaine Team with Sonny in front of the building

Sonny the HVAC dog and the Leonard Splaine team.

Our Mission

From the very beginning our mission has been the same:
“To keep a small family business atmosphere while providing our customers with the comfort and dependability they expect.”
This means we offer world-class HVAC expertise while never compromising our small business, customer-first approach.
Sonny gives the thumbs up on Leonard Splaine's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We're so confident you'll find us to be a company you can rely on for all your heating and air conditioning needs that we guarantee your complete satisfaction! Contact us today and experience the difference for yourself. 

Our History

If you want to know how a good company got to where they are today, look no further than their roots.

Our story begins in 1956, when James Leonard & Charlie Splaine moved from Milton, MA to Woodbridge, VA. Upon arrival they started a gas station with two service bays and a truck which they used to deliver home heating oil to the local neighborhoods. And just like that, the Leonard Splaine Company was born.

In 1972 they started installing and servicing oil furnaces. Over the next ten years they continued to expand their product offerings to home and business air conditioners, gas and oil furnaces, and heat pumps.

In 1982, two of James’ sons, Gary and Tom Leonard, took over management of their father’s life work. Within the first year, they built a 5600 square foot office building and warehouse to replace the original service station. The third generation began learning the family business in 2004 and the future continues to be bright.

Although the company has evolved with the care of each generation, the company maintains the ethical foundation that it was built on. We hope to continue to serve our community for at least another 50 years and beyond!

Making a Difference

Our reputation for quality and integrity is what sets us apart. We got there by building an amazing team and offering world-class products. We offer a comprehensive line of dependable heating and air conditioning products and services for home or business gas furnaces, electric furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, water heaters, air filtration, and duct cleaning — products that work, products that last.

Our experienced technicians understand the complexities of the new, state-of-the-art residential and commercial heating and air conditioning systems. We are ready to explain the variety of systems on the market and how they will save you heating and cooling money.

The trained technicians at Leonard-Splaine Heating and Air conditioning are as good as the products we service. Each and every one of our technicians is qualified to service your equipment. Our technicians will keep your system in tip top shape because we are fully trained and certified by the industry’s leading manufacturers.

The products, technology, and faces have changed through time, but our focus continues to be meeting the needs of our neighbors like no other company in Northern Virginia is able to do.

We are the expert Solution to all your HVAC Problems! We solve Problems and Deliver Solutions like no other HVAC company can!

Sonny the HVAC dog on top of air conditioning unitsThese products are used to cool Homes in Northern Virginia.
Sonny, the HVAC Dog. Reliable. Dependable. Inspiring our Loyalty!
Sonny the HVAC dog on top of HVAC unit being installed to cool a home
Sonny the HVAC dog at work.
Sonny gives the thumbs up on Leonard Splaine's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We Are the Expert Solution to All Your HVAC & Home Comfort Needs

Take it from our customers: we solve problems and deliver solutions like no other HVAC company can.  Contact us today!