Leonard Splaine Goodbye Dry: Lennox Healthy Climate Solutions® Humidifiers Provide Relief

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Release Date: December 2, 2019

Woodbridge, Va — Colder weather means dry air. Dry air is not only an annoyance—it can be a hazard to your health and your house. Dry air can cause chapped skin, aggravated respiratory ailments, static shocks, dried-up houseplants, out-of tune musical instruments, cracked and warped furniture, separations in wood floors, and gaps in moldings. When the air is dry, it feels colder. Therefore, higher energy bills may result from turning up the thermostat to compensate for the dry air, said Ted Leonard, General Manager of Leonard Splaine.

The Lennox Healthy Climate humidifiers include the Steam, Power and Bypass Humidifiers. Each one provides an easy solution to dry air in the home. Unlike many other humidifiers, which are portable, the Healthy Climate humidifiers are a part of the central heating system and installed into the ductwork, right beside the furnace. These humidifiers have a humidistat, which senses moisture levels and adjusts to the desired level automatically—like a thermostat controls the temperature. The homeowner selects the desired amount of humidity and when the humidistat detects a low level of humidity, the humidifier releases moisture, and it circulates through the home while the heat system is in operation. The humidifier’s flow-through design introduces moisture into the home’s dry air through a more natural and healthy evaporative process. The Steam and Power humidifiers can even control moisture when the heating system is not running for maximum comfort.

For over 105 years, Lennox has earned a reputation for creating indoor climate solutions for homeowners and businesses looking for the best in comfort and innovative design. Lennox continues this tradition with its line of Healthy Climate products, including air filters and air purifiers, which are available to sell individually or with a complete system. All of the Healthy Climate humidifiers come complete with a one-year components limited warranty.

“There are many companies making varied claims about their indoor air quality products. But for products you can rely on, Healthy Climate Solutions come from the company consumers have put their trust in for years,” said Leonard

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