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What is an HVAC system and how does it work

    First and foremost, HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This system provides heating and cooling to residential and commercial buildings. You can find HVAC systems anywhere from single-family homes to submarines where they provide...

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Is your Coil leaking and what you can do about it

      The evaporator coil is located inside your air conditioner. If you’re experiencing water leaking from your air conditioner, you may be experiencing an evaporator coil issue,  The evaporator coil absorbs the heat inside your home and by using a...

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Do you really need a whole house Humidifier

  As the days are getting colder, the air is getting drier.  Combine that with a heater running day and night—now the air is even drier. It’s an endless cycle of miserably dry air! For some homeowners, the next step is to go out and buy a portable humidifier....

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Top reasons why your ac isn’t working

Summer’s hot weather is back in full force. The last thing you want when the temperatures outside are rising is to be wondering why your air conditioner isn’t working. Unfortunately, like everything else, air conditioners can break down and when this happens on a hot...

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How Much does a Air Conditioner Furnace combo cost

Controlling temperature and humidity levels in your home is the key to maintaining its livability. A functional air conditioner and heater do exactly that. Opting for an air conditioner and heater should be considered a priority, and not a matter of choice. Both your...

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How to unfreeze your AC unit Fast

If you see ice on either your indoor or outdoor unit, it’s a clear sign that something’s wrong with your AC unit. The worst part? If you keep running the AC, you risk damaging the compressor—a $1,495+ AC repair (more on that later). That said, follow these steps to...

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Best HVAC UV Lights

  There are a variety of ways you can sanitize things in your home. Ultraviolet lights have been known to kill certain bacteria. They are used in hospitals and even come in air purifiers to improve indoor air quality. Similarly, these lights can be placed within...

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What is an Air Conditioner hard start kit

Did you know it takes 4 to 8 times more electrical current to start your central AC unit than is required to run it? The excess heat generated during startup is damaging to your central air conditioning system compressor. A hard start kit is a start capacitor and a...

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What is the best air Purifier for my home

Did you know that indoor air can be more polluted than the air outdoors? And if you’re spending more time at home these days, as many of us are, you might be concerned about the risk from contaminants like dust, smoke, pet dander, organic compounds, allergens and...

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Why is my Outdoor AC units fan not spinning

The heat of summer can be intense, and you need a reliable air conditioner to provide relief indoors when it’s too hot and humid to be outside. Unfortunately, air conditioners can break down for a number of reasons – leaving you to sweat it out while you search for a...

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