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Your HVAC system should transform your home into a sanctuary of comfort. You shouldn’t have to walk into temperatures that feel like a sauna in the summer or an Arctic cave in the winter. When you call Leonard Splaine, we promise your HVAC equipment will run at its absolute best.

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Leonard Splaine – Trusted HVAC Service Experts in Tysons

When James Leonard and Charlie Splaine left Milton, MA, they didn’t know it yet, but they were about to lay the groundwork for a lasting legacy. Their first venture began with a modest gas station in Woodbridge, featuring two service bays and a dependable truck for home heating oil deliveries. By 1972, they were specializing in the installation and maintenance of oil furnaces.

Ten years later, they added home and business air conditioners, gas and oil furnaces, and a groundbreaking new technology: the heat pump. In 1982, James’ sons, Gary and Tom Leonard built an expansive 5600-square-foot office building. However, as Leonard Splaine evolved with each generation, the company retained the values instilled by James and Charlie.

HVAC Service for Virginia Homeowners

Turn to Leonard Splaine for all your heating and air needs, the friendly HVAC experts in your neighborhood! We promise friendly, transparent, and reliable service no matter what you choose from our offering! Get a level of care that will make you like family.

HVAC Installation. If your HVAC system is on its last legs, don’t worry! Leonard Splaine Heating & Air Conditioning can restore your home’s comfort with a brand-new HVAC system.

HVAC Service & Maintenance. Your HVAC system is a significant investment in your home. Ensure its longevity and that it’s providing year-round comfort with proper maintenance.

Indoor Air Quality. The air inside your home can become a battleground of dust and other particles, triggering allergies. Stand firm with our state-of-the-art indoor air quality technology!

Tysons’ Top-Rated HVAC Service Company

Our reputation spans more than 60 years. Check out these 5-star reviews from happy customers on Google!

“Excellent service by a most trusted technician. Thank you for being so reliable and affable.” – M. Kelley

“Always professional and proactive at a good value. Shout out to Mike and Rudy who are both excellent.” – E. Farr

“On time. Very pleasant and very professional. He went right to work and was quickly finished.” – S. Clingerman

Estimate for HVAC Service in Tysons, VA

Are you ready to improve your home’s comfort and guarantee the reliable performance of your HVAC system? Leonard Splaine Cooling & Heating can help. You deserve a sanctuary of comfort! Contact us today!

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