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You count on your HVAC system to make your house a comfortable space for you and your family. Leonard Splaine Heating & Air Conditioning will keep your HVAC equipment running at peak performance with regular maintenance and fast repairs when you need them.

Are you thinking about the answers to questions like these?

  • How do I know I’m getting quality service at a good price?
  • Can your HVAC techs service my brand of HVAC equipment?
  • Are your technicians trained to work on any problem with my HVAC unit?

Let Leonard Splaine Co. treat you like family with friendly, honest, and reliable service!

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Leonard Splaine – Providing Lorton with HVAC Service for Over 60 Years

James Leonard & Charlie Splaine moved from Milton, MA to Lorton, VA in 1956. By 1972, they were installing and servicing oil furnaces throughout the community. In time, they expanded their product offerings to air conditioners, gas and oil furnaces, and heat pumps.

In 1982, two of James’ sons, Gary and Tom Leonard, started managing the company. In the first year, they built a 5600-square-foot office building and warehouse to replace the original service station. Since then, the company has evolved with the care of each generation while sticking to its original core values.

Best HVAC Service Company in Lorton, VA

HVAC Installation

If your HVAC has seen better days, Leonard Splaine Heating & Air Conditioning has the most popular brands to choose from to get your home to the right temperature again.

HVAC Service & Maintenance

Proper maintenance will extend the life of your equipment, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Indoor Air Quality 

The air quality in your home can become contaminated with dust and other particles that wreak havoc on allergies and immune systems. Improve your health with the latest indoor air quality tech.

Most-Preferred HVAC Service in Lorton, VA

Leonard Splaine Cooling & Heating has over six decades of customer satisfaction experience. Make your home the most comfortable house on the block. Check out these reviews from happy customers!

“Mike did an outstanding job troubleshooting my faltering AC unit. He was very thorough, explaining causes and effects. Highly recommend Leonard Splaine.” – Tim M.

“Never had a better HVAC experience!  Leonard Splaine did a great job! I had a mini split installed in our sunroom so we can use it all year long. The team did a great job from start to finish!” – Mary H.

“Outstanding service with a technician who really knows his business.  Leonard Splaine Co. gets my highest recommendation.” – Andy L.

Quotes for HVAC Service in Lorton, VA

Leonard Splain Cooling & Heating is here to answer any questions you have about HVAC. Call us today and chat with one of our experts. You deserve to be comfortable in your home!

Call 703-494-2855 to schedule a service call or appointment today!

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