HVAC Service in McLean, VA

Whether you’re suffering under the summer sun or freezing in a chilly winter, a quality HVAC system can transform your home into a haven of comfort. Leonard Splaine Heating & Air Conditioning can get your HVAC equipment operating at its best through routine maintenance and swift repairs.

You’re probably trying to answer these questions:

  • How do I find the best HVAC service company?
  • What are the most reliable models of HVAC systems?
  • Should I be concerned with the brand my contractor installs?

When it comes to heating and air, the folks at Leonard Splaine are your friendly neighborhood HVAC experts! Get family-like care and friendly, rock-solid service!

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Trusted HVAC Services Throughout McLean for 60+ Years

Over six decades ago, James Leonard & Charlie Splaine blazed a trail that ignited their legacy. Their journey began with a humble gas station in Woodbridge, boasting just two service bays and a trusty truck for home heating oil deliveries. By 1972, their expertise had blossomed into the installation and maintenance of oil furnaces that warmed the hearts of the community. A mere decade later, they expanded to include home and business air conditioners, gas and oil furnaces, and the revolutionary heat pumps that ushered in a new era of comfort.

When the torch passed to the next generation in the early ‘80s, Gary and Tom Leonard displayed a dazzling display of growth and commitment by erecting a colossal 5600-square-foot office building and warehouse. Within the very first year, they bid farewell to the original service station. The company remains committed to the core values that James and Charlie instilled in its foundation. Their enduring legacy shines brightly, a beacon of reliability, integrity, and excellence in the world of HVAC.

HVAC Installation. Is your HVAC system on its last breath? Leonard Splaine Heating & Air Conditioning is your lifeline to restoring home comfort. We offer top-tier brands to resurrect your cozy oasis.

HVAC Service & Maintenance. Your HVAC system is a large investment in your home. Nurture it through proper maintenance for prolonged life and year-round comfort. Quit sweating in the summer and shivering in the winter with an efficient HVAC system!

Indoor Air Quality. The air inside your home can turn into a battlefield of dust and bothersome particles, launching an assault on allergies and your immune system. Stand against these invaders with our indoor air quality equipment!

Home Comfort. Home comfort isn’t just about your HVAC system. It’s about smart insulation too. At Leonard Splaine, we’re your one-stop destination for all things comfort and safety, and we offer much more than just HVAC services!

McLean’s Favorite HVAC Service Company

With a legacy of 60+ years of unwavering customer satisfaction, we’re here to turn your home into the hotspot of comfort on your block! Check out these 5-star reviews from our happy customers!

“Stellar service. Punctual, thorough, considerate. Would highly recommend!” – Bridget R.

“Very knowledgeable technician who did a great job and fixed an ongoing issue that a competitor couldn’t.” – David W.

“Mark was efficient, professional, and helpful. Our experience with this company has been excellent.” – Elise L.

If you’re still thinking about the best way to improve your home’s comfort and ensure your HVAC system’s performance, look no further! Leonard Splain Cooling & Heating is the solution. Tap into the expertise of our seasoned professionals. Don’t settle for a stifling or drafty house.

Call Leonard Splaine at 703-494-2855 to schedule an HVAC service call or appointment today!

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