Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a machine that transfers heat from an area of cool air (called a “heat sink”) to an area that is warmer.  The most obvious application for this is to remove heat from the air outside of your house or office in Woodbridge and transfer it inside as a means of heating. 

If you are familiar with how an air conditioner or refrigeration works, heat pumps are the same exact thing, only they can run in reverse. In fact, the term “heat pump” itself can be a bit misleading, as people often assume that it is only a means of heating a home or office, but the name actually refers to the fact that it transfers heat, not the direction it directs the heat.

In actuality, heat pumps can also be run in reverse, in which case it would be air conditioning your home or office space. Are all heat pumps air conditioners and vice versa?  In theory yes, but in practice, they are not.  This is just a matter of the manufacturer’s preference and the intended use of the HVAC unit.


Simply put, all heat pumps are also air conditioners, but not all air conditioners are considered heat pumps (even though from an engineering standpoint, they are).  An air conditioner is just a heat pump that is specialized for hotter weather.  If an air conditioner has a reversing valve and can be used as a heater too, then the unit is referred to as “heat pumps”.

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