Air Conditioning Service

An air conditioner is important equipment in any home or office in the Woodbridge area. Whether your place has a split or window AC installed, it helps in filtering the air in your living space. This shows how important it is to have it serviced regularly. Air conditioning service ensures your AC is trouble-free and working properly and helps in dealing with problems like water leakage from the AC unit, AC making noise and much more. What does an air conditioning service include?

The first step of getting your air conditioning service from Leonard Splaine is to check if there is water dripping in the air conditioning system. An air conditioning service technician will check to identify leakage from tubes or pipes inside the unit. While doing this, they will drain the tubes, remove dirt and debris and clean the unit to enhance its performance.

An air conditioner collects a huge amount of dust and debris when it operates. During an air conditioning service, all the dirt and dust are removed and cleaned to prevent problems like ice formation in the air conditioner. The fin also needs to be cleaned and washed of any dust or mold buildup.

One of our air conditioning service technicians will need to check the coolant level in the unit. When the coolant level is less, your air conditioning unit stops working. This is because the temperature of the cooling coil drops below the normal level.

Dust and dirt cause your AC system to overheat. During an air conditioning service, the condenser and evaporator coil are cleaned. Also, other key components of the AC units are cleaned to avoid further damage.

At the end of your air conditioning service, an overall inspection is done after all the other service is done. Major components like the fan motor, condenser unit, compressor, evaporator unit, thermostat and many others are inspected for any faults.

An air conditioning service helps in identifying the AC problems and ensuring that all parts of your AC are functioning properly. Having a regular air conditioning service is the best way to optimize your AC unit.

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