Absolutely Recommend

After having contacted five other contractors, I eventually selected Leonard-Splaine to complete my heat pump replacement. I had my doubts at first after having had many bad experiences in the past with contractors in general. My experience has taught me that, unfortunately, you just cannot be sure about the outcome until the job is done. However, I have gotten wiser from jobs in the past, and I ended up selecting Leonard-Splaine even though they were neither the cheapest nor the most well-known. I chose them because of their ability to answer all of my HVAC questions regarding such items as overcoming increased head pressures caused by unit elevation differences as well as their thoroughness in analyzing my existing infrastructure.

I have found that such knowledge among HVAC contractors is rare due to the lack of standardization across the industry. The other contractors could not answer my questions, pushed products that were expensive but would not function due to my in-place infrastructure, or were just rude. The job is now complete, and I am completely satisfied with the end product provided by Leonard-Splaine. The installation was neat, clean, and exceeded my expectations. The technicians were very respectful of my property and cleaned-up major debris. My only regret is that I do not have more projects for them. I would absolutely recommend Leonard-Splaine to anyone and hope they will continue their standard of excellence into the future.

Falls Church VA
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