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home energy savings Northern VAHeating and air conditioning accounts for about 56% of the energy use in your home or office, making it your largest energy expense every month. Leonard-Splaine Heating • Air Conditioning • Fuel Oil offers a wide variety of technologies available for your home or business to achieve a maximum efficiency in converting your energy sources into useful hot or cool air for your home. In addition, many heating and air conditioning systems have certain supporting equipment in common, such as thermostats and ducts, which provide opportunities for saving energy.

Before you design a new home, remodel an existing one, or replace an old or failed HVAC system, you should consider investing in its energy efficiency. You'll save energy and money in the long run. It’s a great time to invest in a renewable energy system that will provide your home and business with energy efficient electricity, water heating, or space heating and coolingCall Us Now at 703-494-2855 for details.

energy costs northern vaenergy costs northern va

SEER Rating

Leonard-Splaine Heating • Air Conditioning • Fuel Oil will take the mystery out of the SEER RATING.  Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating is like the "mpg" counterpart in the automotive industry, the SEER gives you an indication of the performance efficiency of the system. The higher the SEER,  the more efficient the unit.  The more efficient the unit, the lower the operating costs. However, the SEER rating really only compares equipment and there are many other factors you must know to give effective energy savings.

energy star qualified Northern VAENERGY STAR Qualified Products

Products in more than 50 categories are eligible for the ENERGY STAR. They use less energy, save money, and help protect the environment. Ask our experts at Leonard-Splaine Heating • Air conditioning • Fuel Oil for the full list of ENERGY STAR products.

Why Choose Leonard-Splaine Heating • Air Conditioning • Fuel Oil for Energy Savings?

energy star Northern VAA good contractor to install a new furnace or central air conditioner can be as important as the equipment you choose, because proper installation and maintenance is needed for the equipment to operate safely, reliably, and at maximum efficiency.  We have hundreds of satisfied customers in the area who already know we are a reputable heating and air conditioning contractor, and they recommend us to their friends, relatives and co-workers all the time.

Make sure indoor and outdoor units match

Many furnaces and central air conditioners are not properly sized for the homes they serve, because of improper sizing years ago and/or energy efficiency improvements to the building since the old equipment was installed.Leonard-Splaine Heating • Air Conditioning • Fuel Oil will explain that we use your space heating and cooling requirements to size your equipment and not your existing equipment.  For instance, installing a new outdoor unit without checking to see if the indoor unit is pre-2006 may cause failure of the outdoor compressor.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Ask us about variable speed air handlers, which will improve comfort and efficiency and allow continuous air filtering at minimum energy cost. Never use continuous ventilation when your air conditioner is in use, because it will degrade humidity control of your space.

Our estimators ask about any heating or cooling problems you have had with your old equipment, and offer understandable explanations or solutions.

Using our heat-load and/or cooling-load calculations, our technicians will be able to estimate the annual operating costs (energy bills) for the equipment they are proposing for your home or business.
We only issue a written bid (or proposal) outlining the equipment to be installed, the work to be done, and the price, including labor costs.

Leonard-Splaine Heating • Air Conditioning • Fuel Oil employees are professionals. All of our people are prompt and courteous. We feel that how a company treats you now reflects how they will treat you if there is a problem.  You are welcome to visit our office and shop facility, where we have many brochures and products to choose from. 

You also can get all you parts and supplies from us a discount if you are a customer. 

Tune Up your HVAC equipment yearly

And don’t forget to ask about our many warranty and service plans to save you money on repairs and service calls.

We care about you and your home.