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The Stay Cool Advantage Plan is available to residential and commercial customers designed to keep you feeling great during these HOT summer months! Click Here for details.

Different Types of Air Conditioners

Our company services many different efficiency levels and cooling capacities or “tonnage” of air conditioners available today. But simply the different units can be divided into two distinct major types or categories; single stage and two stage.

Efficiency or SEER – Higher Efficiency for Greater Savings

(SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.)

The higher the SEER rating the higher the efficiency and the savings for you the customer. Percentage based on national averages; may vary according to efficiency of current unit and installation. The SEER rating of an air conditioner refers to how much electricity that particular unit will consume to keep you cool in the summer season. The higher the SEER the less electricity a unit consumes in a season. Beginning around 2007 the standards for the minimum SEER rating became 13. Before this, the efficiency levels went all the way down to 6 SEER or less. The actual savings every SEER number affords you varies, but on the average it is between 5 and 10 percent savings per larger number SEER selected.

Tonnage or Capacity

We call the ton of an air conditioner a rating of the unit's ability to remove heat from your home or business. The reason it is called a ton is that is the amount of heat (12,000BTU) it would take to melt one block of ice weighing a ton in one hour. Our job as your air conditioning contractor is to determine the correct size or tonnage of a unit for you, and in this case it is not a matter of the more the better. An oversize air conditioner will not remove the proper amount of moisture from the air to give you the comfort you deserve. An undersized air conditioner will run constantly even at moderate temperature and will not adequately condition the space.

Single Stage or Speed Air Conditioners

The most common single speed air conditioners produce the same amount of heat removal all the time regardless of how hot and muggy it is outside. They have to be large enough to cool you on the hotter days of the year and because of that, they are larger than needed on the moderate days. Our technicians select a unit in the middle, as it is a bad idea to pick a unit sized that will handle a peak day when the bulk of the time we do not see peak temperatures.

Therefore on a 100 degree day the unit will run constantly, but that is far better that picking a large enough unit to handle the few days it goes over a 100. Single speed units come in three different SEER ratings; 13, 14 and 15 seer. All these units can use any type of indoor furnace or air handler and they are 35 to 50 percent more efficient than most 15 to 20 year old units you might have in your home or business.

Two Stage or Speed Air Conditioners

New high efficiency air conditioners 16 seer and above are two speed and two stage and they are available in models all the way up to 20 seer rating. These units have the ability to change the amount of cooling capacity they produce depending on how hot it is. Because they can slow down and run longer, they do a better job of removing moisture. A two speed air conditioner has one compressor in the unit that can slow down to give different outputs and a two stage unit actually has two different compressors in one outdoor unit and it runs on one compressor or the other to change it’s output or capacity. Our technicians will discuss with you the options for your particular situation.  The higher the seer rating the more yearly energy savings occur.

Duct Cleaning - we offer duct cleaning to help your system perform better and keep the air quality in your home the highest quality possible. Air

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